Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines wih a little Ranting

       First of all, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope your day is filled with Love, Blessings and CHOCOLATE!!  I do plan to indulge a bit in the chocolate area.  Hot Chocolate this morning and some Dark Hershey's Chocolate this evening.

       But that is not the total focus of this post.  Oh No, not at all.  About a week ago I showed you some of the early bloomings happening here.  Beautiful Redbuds popping out up and down the road and all down into the woods.

       Just beautiful little pink blossoms on the Redbuds.  The road is lined on both sides with these trees and it is quite spectacular, I say, when they are all in bloom.  They were just getting started and I so look forward to the spring blooming every year.  But, remember . . . I told  you here it was way too
early for spring and, sure enough, I was sadly so right.

       Saturday and Sunday night it went way down into the upper teens.  TEENS, I say.  18 DEGREES here both nights and into the low 30's last night.  So you know what has happened.  Yup!  No pretty spring here this year, damn it.  Oh No, what's left is just little damp bits of pink bloom falling onto the roadway and those blooms yet to fall. 

And the azaleas, too, are just so sad.
And, so there, that is my ranting for the day. 
 But then, there is always ...

for consolation.  Ha!

xoxoxo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

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