Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Greening of the Woodlands

       It has been a busy time.  My sister, Debbie and her husband Stan visited for a few days, and we celebrated all our birthdays at once as they are so close together.  I have had a couple of small orders to print, frame and send out.  And I have been sort of a mental fog with not much coming to mind to write about.  I have been trying to sort out this mess of a cabin as well.  I have gotten so far behind with housework and clutter and all that.  I feel a bit over-whelmed most of the time.  But spring continues to come bursting forth and it is more beautiful than I thought it would be after the freezes.  The Dogwoods and all the new leaves are coming on strong.

        The spring green of new leaves (that is only here for such a very short time) is filling the branches so fast.  The creatures that live here are out enjoying the fantabulous weather right along with me these days.

       And this is what my view is out of one of my studio windows.  Will try to get some pics of the birds at the feeder soon.  I do so love this place.

       The images looking through the trees are not only beautiful during the day.  The other night when I was coming home from a visit to my Mom's this was the view presented to me as I was coming up my driveway.  Beautiful!

More to come soon.