Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I know, I KNOW, I am a complete failure at blogging!!!  But I am back, again, for another try 9 months later.  Hmm.....almost like a pregnancy.  Hope this "re-birth" is more successful.

So much has happened in some ways and in others it is just my busy day after day life that keeps me from my blogging even though I do want to do it.  Wendy married a wonderful and delightful guy named Shawn Rozier and lives in Brunswick, Georgia.

 And she is now the "Bonus Mom" to Shawn's 9 year old son, Paxton and I'm a "Bonus Grandma"!

I am so very happy for all of us.

Other news is that I resigned in October from the Artisans' Guild after 22 years and that is now one thing that has given me a little more time for other things as well.  I do so love being at home and doing my work in this little cabin in the woods with my trusty and faithful companion, Lillebedt.

  The "Me, Mom & the Dog" trio took some road trips up to Brunswick to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012 with Wendy and family.  We had such great times with them.  Their hospitality is unequaled.  Even an air mattress on my bed so that these beat-up old bones wouldn't hurt so badly.  We will definitely be making that trip on a regular basis if they will have us.  Possibly for "Bluegrass and Barbeque" and a trip to the big JoAnn's store for supplies in February or March.