Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Tenacity of Spring

         I love the tenacity of Spring.  After the two hard freezes we have had Nature has decided it is still the time to continue on.  Even though it is still too early.  Even though we can still have more freezes to ravage the new spring green blush of tender buddings.

         The Dogwoods are now starting to peek out through out the woods and I fear they will meet the same end as the Redbuds and Azaleas.  The Dogwoods' white blooms stand out sharply in  the dullness of the winter woods.  Still I whisper, "Too soon, too soon."

       But I hope life is like Spring.  That at the end of life, when all appears dried up, dead and gone.  That out of that lifelessness there comes a new life springing forth.  Surely God meant Spring to show us that fact.  That you can't kill off life with "hard freezes" or "too early deaths".  That every spark of life tenaciously continues on in some form or another somewhere.  Always.

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