Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clouds and Such

       Another absoLUTEly gorgeous day!!  I can truly say this has been the warmest and most delightful winter in the last 20 years since I've been here.  The clouds today were just spectacular. And such a variety.  The above is looking to the north.  All big and billowy bunches of cloud.  Beautiful.

      To the southeast, they became more wispy and then there was one that I shall call a "feather cloud".  I haven't seen this kind of formation before and wondered how that vertical formation came about when around it most others were of a horizontal kind.
       I am now being a lot like my dad.  He loved the clouds.  Especially when he was flying.  We have scads of his cloud pictures taken from plane windows.  We would tease him that a little scotch on the plane maybe had a bit of influence on his appreciation.  Unlike him, I don't care for flying at all.  I giggle as I see these pictures I've now taken and post them in happy memory of him.  Me thinks I'll have a little scotch in memory a little later on as well.  ;-)

       And more clouds peeking through the trees at the end of the road.  Lillebedt was scuffling about in the woods down there and I was headed back up the road when she realized she was being left behind.
       She just came full tilt to catch me.  I try to take her out everyday for a bit of exercise as she is so full of energy.  I ride my scooter and she runs and hunts, chasing squirrels and lizards.  We had been out for quite awhile at this point so she was getting tired.  The newest trick she has started lately is, when she is tired she comes and jumps on the floorboard of my scooter to catch a ride for a bit.

       Now isn't that just the happiest little face you ever saw?  I know, I do go on about her.  Wendy tells me that she is now the middle child and Lillebedt (treated as the baby) gets all the attention.  I do think she is a bit jealous. And so now,  here I am an old woman with a little dog that I talk to and adore immensely.  Who'd a ever thunk it!!

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