Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too Soon Spring

Red Bud in late January!

       I took this pictures a couple of days ago and it is too soon for spring!!  We have had an exceptionally warm winter this year and it has confused the plant life.  We are still apt to have freezes well into late February during a "normal" year.  On some occasions we have had them in March!

 You can see the faint blush of pink peeping out 
down through the woods.

 And along side the road.

Azaleas, also, are beginning to bloom with their fat, pink buds.

  And then opening into this GLORY-essness!

Wild Blackberry blooms are poking up out of the leaves.

 How very fragile and spindly they are.

Aren't they just so dainty and beautiful.   They are about 
an inch and a half in diameter.

And then there are the wee little violet leaves 
poking up everywhere.

And already some are blooming. Such delicate little things.

 See how small they are compared to the leaf litter.

       And what I am afraid that will happen is this.  Just before everything gets all blossomed out and beautiful we will get a freeze and all the blooms will fall off and we will miss the most beautiful time of the year.  It has happened before.  It is such a short time that everything is out in full bloom that I just hate to miss it and have to wait another year for it to happen again.  Maybe we will get lucky and avoid a freeze this year.  I do hope so.  I love the blooming out with wild flowers to come.

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